Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 2.8.1 (High Damage)

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK of latest version will give you many unlocked features as well as unlimited options to triple the excitement. This action based game is pretty cool having 3D interface and display which make this App more powerful and entertaining. This game contains lots of attractive and interesting characters introduced by Akira and Saiyan.

This game features lot of action packed sequels of different stages and level which allows its popular characters and players to get ranks accordingly. During playing this game, you can witness lot of features and actions with best anime fighting scenes.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK allows you to enjoy the unlocked features of this game which means you are now able to select your own characters, heroes like Tlen, Krillin, villains like Cell, Majin and Frieza against each others.


  • Category: Action
  • Requirement:0
  • Version:7.0
  • Size: 63 MB
  • Genre: Fighting

Story Line

The Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK allows you to unlock the interesting and attractive features of fighting available in this game. You have to damage the enemy more and more using your fighting skills which you get after experience. It also features the “Consume Mana” skill which let you revive or improve the fighting ability and gets you back in life.

One player can have 3 different characters and one character will fight at once, but is switchable as well in between the fighting. You must try to destroy all the 3 characters of your opponent to make your place confirm into finals.

On the other side, playing this game is quite simple having optimized design, smooth touching compatibility and skills continuously displaying on the screen. Now comes the most interesting part of this game which is it’s different 3 Modes which are Stories, Adventure and PvP Mode.

Very first story mode enables your participation in the “Event Time” in which you can see the puzzle battles. It will appear after you turn this ON.

In the PvP Mode, you can fight against the character of your own choice being controlled by one of your own friends instead of bots. While the Adventure Mode takes you to the stronger and powerful action game play stages where the ranks and difficulty of characters increase.

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